In order to help build this brands presence online we built a brand new website. The brief was to be corporate and showcase their stamp artwork. Following extensive company research we produced new product images and sourced suitable background imagery for the site. Several site themes were shortlisted for review with the final one shown here. Custom page layouts and css coding were made producing a versatile and fluid site.

Benham TV…


With the launch of a new TV show ‘Benham TV’ came lots of new work. Along with animated graphics for show intros and short video clips we were tasked to produce a new website advertising the shopping channel show and all offerings within the show. The ecommerce function of the site was critical and it has proved a great success.


Harry Allen, a company within our group, needed an commerce site. With lots of products on offer the site structure was given great consideration before putting everything in place. The outcome is a simple and effective shopping site.


Bristol Auction Rooms…


Having spent time rebranding both of these companies we were keen to make sure all company branding was consistent through all mediums. We setup various social media accounts for both and created Google listings for each. This meant creating suitable profile pictures, cover photos and favicons. The clients were then able to add posts and photos as they wished to build their brand presence.